19 Feb 2010

Wallpaper design tutorial

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March wallpaper design tutorial in 8 easy steps with photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to make our March Wallpaper with photoshop using a picture and some simple brushes... Let's start right now!

What you need

Mad ballerine by naraosga

Mad ballerine picture

I was looking for a dancing girl picture. I found it on www.sxc.hu.
It is an excellent source of inspiration, great pictures there.

Download the ballerine picture here

If you don't have an account, you can create one for free.

Some cool brushes

Brushes is a powerfull tool of photoshop,it saves time and efforts.
Here are some cool brushes found on brusheezy.com.

Step 1

wallpaper tutorial step 1

First create a new document with blue background (#002034) and a size around 1920x1200px. Add a radial gradient with a light blue(#275a56).

Go to Layer > Layer mask > Reveal all and add black gradient from each sides to the center

Step 2

Wallpaper tutorial step 2

Now, start adding the text (March) with a big bold font. I used Arial Black font.
Rotate each letter to add a grungy effect

You can use different size for each one.

Step 3

Wallpaper tutorial step 3

It's time to give the text more style. for each letter add a layer mask then choose a brush (B) and paint it black in order to mask some parts of it.
Keep doing it for each letters.
Remember, we're looking for a grunge style!

Wallpaper tutorial step 3

Then, choose a nice splatter brush, add a new layer (CTRL/Command + Shift + N) behind each letter and with brush tool (B) paint it in order to make an explosion effect.
Try using different size and brushes! You can also add a light gradient on splatters

Step 4

Wallpaper tutorial step 4

Add a new layer named "shadows". Select all the letters (CTRL/Command + click + Shift) then add a dark gradient from the top. Set the opacity to 70%.

Add a new layer named "dropshadows" below the letters and do the same selection as the previous (all the letters).
Fill-in with black color, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with an amount of 20 pixels. Move the layer 10 pixels up. You can add scanlines as I did.

Step 5

Wallpaper tutorial step 5

Whe need someone in this wallpaper. I used the picture here, but you can use another one.
Extract the ballerine from the background. Be carefull with her dress !
Her skin look strange on our blue background. We will focus on the skin. Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue and Saturation and use -40 for the Saturation.

Step 6

Wallpaper tutorial step 6

With a new layer mask, delete some little pieces of here legs. Then in a new layer, add some particles in order to make a small explosion effect.

Step 7

Wallpaper tutorial step 7

Place the ballerine on top, with her hands on the last letter.
Below her, we will add a glow effect. fill-in a round shape with a light blue (#7fa1b3) and add a gossian blur with a amount of 30 pixels. Then the blend mode in Dissolve and place the shape. Do it again 3 or 4 times for her whole body

Step 8

Add the calendar with Advent font by Andreas Kalpakidis
I've added an outer glow with an amount of 20 pixels and an opacity of 50%. You can also darken the background of the calendar. As you can see, making this wallpaper is pretty easy!

Final step

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